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Name: Holland Outlet Center

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Category:Clothes, shoes, accessories, and miscellaneous
Address:12330 James Street
Holland, MI 49424
Phone:(+1) 616 / 3961808
Operation hours:Mo-Sa.: 10.00 am - 9.00 pm
So.: 11.00 am - 6.00 pm
Brands:Carterís Children Wear, Gap Outlet, Newbís, Avalon School of the Arts, Holland Windmill Chaper, The Lost City, Harvest Antiques, Letís Learn, The Cleaning Authority, Without Walls, etc.
Potential savings:30 - 50%
Last update:The data has been last updated on 02/06/2011.

Rating:Outlet Center Rating
Customer rating: 2 out of 5 stars with 26 votes.

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Holland Outlet Center rating  Thomas wrote on 12/25/2015:
simply taht the farm sales and winery event beusnisss was borught to a halt because the :neighbors wer annoyed" , the other quoted froma letter obtained under FOIA concerning the farm sales in question: The letter of complaint to local officials simply said : We do not want any business conducted at that farm."Now, people have a right to enjoy their own property, especially when they have paid millions for it. Or, equally, when it has been in their family for generations.But in this area, and in many others, it has become the case that a five dollar complaint is sufficient to shut down a $50,000 business. Or more. It is not sufficient that one be allowed to enjoy their own property, thay have to be allowed to enjoy their neighbors as well.It has become completely out of control. Yet I cannot blame "the government". It is doing exaclty as (its most moneyed) constituents ask.I am not certain, but I believe I recently met the persons that own the farm in question. If I am correct, they may be described as somewhat in the "hippie: genre. As such they do not fit in with the wealthy locals. If they were radical Muslims they dcould hardly be more out of place, but that is no excuse for what happened to them.

Holland Outlet Center rating  Siawaludin wrote on 10/14/2015:
Consider the purchase of dmvelopeent rights program. When zoning was fisrt introduced the requirements wer pretty slack, like one hose per four acres. And these restrictions wer bought with the promise that a numbero f adminsitrative or family lots would be allowed. Over time the restrictions became worse the lot size larger, and eventually the family lots wer rescinded. some areas have been down zoned six times. A sliding scale was applied (retroactively) that meant that depending one th size of the (historically) original property, fwer lots wer allowed and more of the property had to be reserved as one piece, meaning that (once were once large) properties could only sell off 15% of their land. And then, only in pretty large lots.Each time a downzoning occurred, the argument was that, if there was no subdividsion plan in place, nothing had been lost, and so no compensation was required.My prior supervisor explained to me that the county was very careful about skirting the laws about gentrified zoning. Eventually, the county had pushed people far enough, and they had problems downzoning land for free. At taht point they introdused teh Purchase of Development Rights program. What this meant was that If you had any dmvelopeent rights left, the county would buy them. In other words, the dmvelopeent rights that they previously claimed had no value when they were expired, suddenly became valuable proerty, which could ber recoreded on a deed and sold, even though there was still no "vested interest" as previously claimed.The previosu dmvelopeent rights wer either stolen or worthless, but now they were suddenly worth using taxpayer money to buy.It gets worse. Once the county bought this newly valuable property, it gave it away, to some conservation agency to hold.As my previous supervisor explained it: "That puts it permantly out of reach of the zoning laws" .Now, ther are policies about how the county disposes of surplus proeprty, and usually that involves an auction. If the county was engaged in buying fire trucks and then giving them away to fire truck museums, the populace would be outraged, but this was so cleverly sold that no one noticed.The case with this farm s very simple., the county is continuing ists policy of turning the county into private parks, which are owned by EXTREMELY rich people, and who get huge tax breaks because they are in conservation easement. They are not even required to farm the proeprty. Once it is in easement, they can let it go to jumgle or have eighty acres of lawn.The result is that a 200 acre proeperty not in easment might be offered for seven million, and a two hudred acre property that can never be developed is only around two million.Either way, it is not going to be a farm. Either way, no ordinary person can get a piece. So the $2million dollar price represents a huge discount to someone who can afford to do nothing with that kind of money, and all in the name of conservation.And that, is exactly hat my former supervisrl hopes will happen to me. it is exacltly what the annoyed neighbors hope will happen to that "educational" farm.Meanwhile, there are about ten large commercial farms in the county that get better tahn $80k per year inn government subsidies. I know one of these guys, and he will be happy to tell you how profitable a well run farm can be.

Holland Outlet Center rating  Ramiro wrote on 10/13/2015:
Danielle and Jacob Mercer,PA | West Virginia PA Wedding We traveled quite a way to get to this wedidng They had us a hotel right NEXT to a huge outlet mall, so that made the trip all the better! The couple and families.

Holland Outlet Center rating  Charles H wrote on 05/28/2013:
What are they doing with the gardens in the middle of the parking lot.... has someone lost their minds???? Tear down half the buildings and make it the spot a nice park along the pond that would look nice together with Dutch Village.

Holland Outlet Center rating  Jason wrote on 05/06/2013:
Wow. What happen to that place. I bet there's not even 10 stores in there now. Back in the 90's that mall was way more worth going to. Its a ghost town now. I didn't see any other customer there.

Holland Outlet Center rating  carrie swagelton wrote on 04/17/2011:
I loved the prices here and the events! I think the management is getting lots of activities and the prices are awesome!

John H wrote on 05/01/2010:
Totally sad spot. Used to be worth the drive. Now a ghost town with a few scattered stores. Seems unfriendly and uninviting. Too bad they can't get new management, new blood in their vains. So much potential.

Mary wrote on 10/26/2009:
This used to be a great mall, but is now almost empty. The restroom area is very unsafe. New management and new stores would be great. I still drive over once in a while for the Eddie Bauer store, but that's about all. I used to go there every few weeks, but no more.

Susie Dragonsma wrote on 04/07/2008:
The Holland Town Center needs new management. The tenants are very dissatisfied as are the customers for lack of stores.

JEN wrote on 03/28/2008:

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