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Basic info: Exposition Mills - Denton Factory Stores

Name: Exposition Mills - Denton Factory Stores

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Category:Clothes, shoes, accessories, and miscellaneous
Address:5800 North Interstate 35
Denton, TX 76207
Phone:(+1) 940 / 5655040
Operation hours:Closed
Potential savings:30 - 60%
Last update:The data has been last updated on 02/13/2011.

Rating:Outlet Center Rating
Customer rating: 2.7 out of 5 stars with 10 votes.

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Customer opinions:So far customers posted their opinion about the Exposition Mills - Denton Factory Stores.

Exposition Mills - Denton Factory Stores rating  Sunil wrote on 12/30/2015:
Hooray!! My friends and I have all been lonikog forward to this for a long time (I've bought copies of your stuff for several of them + a local radio station over the years I was also a bit erm, altered by Xty as a child, and now, as an adult, I figure, why not convert for something that's actually interesting.) Now, I know that you would probably never bother to come anywhere near the wasteland that is the midwestern US (I frankly wouldn't if I hadn't been born here), but when the time for touring does come around, could you maybe consider taping a performance for DVD as well, so that those of us on the farther corners of civilization could also get a teeny glimpse of pure, undiluted awesome? Sending fan love from Wisconsin

Exposition Mills - Denton Factory Stores rating  Taynara wrote on 10/14/2015:
You might be interested to know that Beth Marie's opeend a second location in Denton, at Unicorn Lake. The new one carries the same look as the one on the downtown square.Also, I learned that their homemade ice cream will be available at Central Market in March, 2010.

alishaa wrote on 06/13/2010:
it was alright. not the best outlet iv been to, but theyy do NOT have a coachhh outlett. it sucks.

rachel wrote on 09/02/2008:
does anyone know if there is a coach store out there in Denton?

SMA wrote on 02/16/2006:
NO web access to see complete list of stores. I tried to call the number and it led me to a choice of mailboxes. The recording would not let me leave a message, "this mailbox is full." I guess I'll just keep driving up to Gainesville. At least they have a web-site with a full store listing.

Robert Miles wrote on 01/13/2006:
This is just a great Factory-Outlet. So many stores and so much money you can save. I would at least spend one afternoon in this outlet center!!!

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